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"Complex-Valued Neural Networks: Theories and Applications"

in the Series on Innovative Intelligence

Akira Hirose

ISBN 981-238-464-2

Book Reviews:
By Prof. Igor Aizenberg, In IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks, 17, 2 (2006) 534
By Prof. Itsuo Kumazawa, In Systems, Control and Information, 49, 1 (2005) 37 (in Japanese)

This is the first book focusing on the Complex-Valued Neural Networks. In these years the complex-valued neural networks expand the application fields in optoelectronic imaging, remote sensing, quantum neural devices and systems, spatiotemporal analysis of physiological neural systems as well as artificial neural information processing. At the same time, the potentially wide applicability yields new theories required for novel and more effective functions and mechanisms. This book aims to present the recent progress of the field and to describe the future prospects.

George M. Georgiou (California State Univ.) Foreword
Akira Hirose (Univ. of Tokyo) "Complex-Valued Neural Networks: An introduction"
Tohru Nitta (AIST) "Critical points of the multi-layered complex-valued neural networks"
Dong Liang Lee (Ta-Hwa Inst. Tech.) "Complex-valued Neural Associative Memories: Learning Algorithm and Network Stability"
Yasuaki Kuroe (Kyoto Inst. Tech.) "A Model of Complex-Valued Associative Memories and Its Dynamics"
Justin Pearson (Uppsala Univ.) "Clifford Valued Neural Networks: Background, Theory and Applications"
Iku Nemoto (Tokyo Denki Univ.) "A complex-valued neuron model and its application to associative memory"
Danilo P. Mandic, S.L.Goh, A.Hanna (Imperial College of Science) "A data-reusing gradient descent algorithm for complex-valued recurrent neural networks"
Pritam Rajagopal, Subhash Kak (Louisiana State Univ.) "Instantaneously trained neural networks with complex-valued neurons"
Hiroyuki Aoki (Tokyo Coll. Tech.) "Applications of Complex-Valued Neural Networks for Image Processing"
Makoto Kinouchi, Masafumi Hagiwara (Keio Univ.) "Memorization of Melodies Using Complex-valued Recurrent Neural Network"
Yanwu Zhang (Aware Inc.) "Complex-Valued Generalized Hebbian Algorithm and Its Applications to Sensor Array Signal Processing"
Teruyuki Miyajima, Kazuo Yamanaka (Ibaraki Univ.) "Phasor models and their applications to communications"
Andriyan Bayu Suksmono (Bandung Inst. Tech.), Akira Hirose (Univ. of Tokyo) "Adaptive Processing of Interferometric Radar Images"
Mitsuo Takeda, Takaaki Kishigami (Univ. of Electro-Commun.) "Complex neural network model with an analogy to self-oscillation generated in an optical phase-conjugate resonator"
Sotaro Kawata, Akira Hirose (Univ. of Tokyo) "Coherent Lightwave Neural Network Systems: Use of frequency domain"