Special Session on Complex-Valued Neural Networks
in WCCI-IJCNN 2016 Vancouver

organized by Yasuaki Kuroe, Tohru Nitta, and Akira Hirose
(Tutorial will also be planned by Danilo P. Mandic and Igor Aizenberg.)

Session MM-18 Recent Advances in CI: Best Regular Paper Competition
Date/Time Monday, 25 July 2016 / 2:30PM ? 4:30PM
Venue Room 208+209
Chair(s) Oscar Cordon

4:10PM N-16020
Complex-Valued B-Spline Neural Network and its Application to Iterative Frequency-Domain Decision Feedback Equalization for Hammerstein Communication Systems
Sheng Chen, XiaHong, EmadKhalaf, Fuad E. Alsaadi and Chris J. Harris

Session HM-4 IJCNN-17: Complex-Valued Neural Networks I
Date/Time Thursday, 28 July 2016 / 2:30PM ? 4:30PM
Venue Room 215
Chair(s) Yasuaki Kuroe

2:50PM N-16380
Proposal of Polarization State Prediction Using Quaternion Neural Networks for Fading Channel Prediction in Mobile Communications
Maoki Hikosaka, Tianben Ding and Akira Hirose

3:10PM N-16587
Feature Extraction for Classification Method using Principal Component based on Conformal Geometric Algebra
Minh Tuan Pham, PhucHao Do and Kanta Tachibana

3:30PM N-16601
How Complex-ValuedMultilayer Perceptron Can Predict the Behavior of Deterministic Chaos
Seiya Satoh and Ryohei Nakano

3:50PM N-16754
GPU Simulator of Multilayer Neural Network Based on Multi-Valued Neurons
Christian Hacker, Igor Aizenberg and JeffWilson

4:10PM N-17045
Retrieval Performance of Hopfield Associative Memory with Complex-Valued and Real-Valued Neurons
Toshifumi Minemoto1, Teijiro Isokawa, Nobuyuki Matsui1, Masaki Kobayashi and Haruhiko Nishimura

Session HP-4 IJCNN-17: Complex-Valued Neural Networks II
Date/Time Thursday, 28 July 2016 / 4:30PM ? 6:30PM
Venue Room 215
Chair(s) Akira Hirose

4:30PM N-16181
System Identification using FRA and a modified MLMVN with Arbitrary Complex-Valued Inputs
Igor Aizenberg, Antonio Luchetta2, Stefano Manetti and Maria Cristina Piccirilli

4:50PM N-16588
Multi-valued Autoencoders for Multi-valued Neural Networks
Ryusuke Hata and Kazuyuki Murase

5:10PM N-16640
Theoretical and Computational Aspects of Quaternionic Multivalued Hopfield Neural Networks
Marcos Eduardo Valle and Fidelis Zanetti de Castro

5:30PM N-16843
A Model of Hopfield-Type Octonion Neural Networks and Existing Conditions of Energy Functions
Yasuaki Kuroe and Hitoshi Iima

5:50PM N-16655
Complex-valued Online Classifier
Masaya Ishikawa and Kazuyuki Murase

6:10PM N-16410
On Improving the Efficiency of Complex-Valued ELM
B. Chandra and Rajesh K. Sharma